DJ Sander Kleinenberg, 12_cameras, 6_crew, 8_screens & thousands of clubbers live at the Ministry of Sound, UK

25 01 2009

Shot at the famous Ministry of Sound club for Pioneer ProDJ to demonstrate their new SVM-1000 AV mixer.

I Directed a crew of six cameramen and also used a further six cameras rigged in various locations around the club. We shot over 26 hours of tape that were edited into this five minute piece. It was an amazing experience. The clubbers were very friendly and Sanders set was a big crowd pleaser.

Photos I took during the recce of the club with Simon Hart from Pioneer                pretending to be Sander.Photos taken of the Ministry of Sound DJ Booth during my Recce

My quick visualisation of the DJ booth used to discuss camera and lighting locations with the crew pre-shootmy quick visualisation of the DJ booth used to discuss camera positions to the crew before the shoot

James Zabelia in Shark Bait

24 01 2009

Commissioned by Pioneer ProDJ this sequence was designed to demonstrate thier DJM-800 mixer. Shot on chroma-green (original studio shoot is also below). The CGI sub-sea environment and sealife were generated in 3dstudio Max and were layered in After Effects. This video was made in less than three weeks as it was required for an event.  Please let me know what you think.

Shark Bait – How did I make it?        A layer by layer explanation. 

 Made and edited by my friend Simon Burges from production company Sugar Snap TV, this video has me demonstrating each stage of the post-production process for this video – It’s weird being on the other side of the camera, I’m now on a diet and exercise regime!

Original Chroma-key studio shoot pre-effects edit

Here’s the original edit without any effects. I used a fan to blow James’ hair and some wavy silver foil to fake some caustic reflections. The white Pioneer desk looked naff so I decided to replace it in post-production. If you look at the wide shots you’ll see some hanging white boards, these were placed over the equipment to stop the lights reflecting into the equipment.