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“Mark is a ginger-bearded, gruff nerd who spends all day in his bedroom” Spencer Cox-Freeman,Pole to Pole Communications.

“Just received CDs in post thanks for being so prompt  I am going to
hopefully play it in our cinema to get the full effect tomorrow!!!!!
Many thanks for such a stunning production! And you were great to work with
too!! We will be in touch soon I’m sure for some other stuff  in the near future!”
Many thanks, Amanda Bradbury, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT)

‘Mark never fails to deliver 150%, often adding touches of brilliance that make the work stand head and shoulders above the rest. 
Nothing seems to leave Wow media, until Mark’s toughest critic is happy…which is himself’,  Andrew Goode Lighting Cameraman

9 responses

25 01 2009
Daf Palfrey - Ten Pence Ltd

I have worked with Mark on a DJ Yoda project. Although I have never met him, I have spoken to him on the phone and he was extremely generous with what he provided for the project. I was impressed and look forward to working with him when the right project comes along. He is also good at sending Christmas cards.

26 01 2009
Dougi Lapsley

Markie and I have worked together for years. Not only is he one of the most talented people I know, but he is possibly the hardest working and most honest. If you are lucky enough to be able to book his time you won’t be disappointed! He genuinely cares about both his work and his clients.

From a tech point of view some of the things he does these days are right on the edge of what’s possible. He is combining some really cool technologies in 3D and compositing in some very liberal and interesting ways.

Always interested to see the latest stuff Markie! Nice one. No idea where you have managed to find time for a blog though!!

26 01 2009

I’ve known Mark for many years and have always been impressed with his creativity. We’ve worked more closely since opening my studio last year with a green or blue screen capability.

Mark is aways well prepared before any shoot and knows exactly what he’s looking for. He also has an in depth knowledge of the product he’s promoting and this all helps in providing a first class service to his clients.

I always look forward to seeing the finished product after a shoot in the studio. He is a true visionary and pushes the bounderies all the time to produce truly awe inspiring animations, graphics and programmes.

26 01 2009
Rog Marsh

I totally agree with spencer – if you need advice on sci-fi, marvel comics, 80’s electro oh – and videos, marks your man – he sure knows his onions – in fact the whole vegetable plot.

Probably one of the best animators / editors in the UK today (well, at least that I could afford).

Actually, in the vain hope that he remains available for VT jobs, I’ve changed my mind – he’s really rather crap and charges too much.

3 02 2009
Rita Sedani

Why? Simply because Mark’s work is pure genius! In addition Mark is friendly, professional and unlike anyother person I know in this industry he pays our artists immediately!!! A talented man, who is beyond his time, I couldn’t recommend Mark enough! I look forward to working with him again very soon.

4 02 2009
Mark Grotefeld, Head of Marketing, Pioneer Europe

I first met Mark in 2001 when he had been sub contracted by our lead agency to complete a completed multi language DVD promotional project : this was back in the day when DVD-R was new media.
Mark was certainly an authority, even back then, and quickly won our confidence . We (Pioneer) have stayed with him ever since. Intelligent, obsessively hard working and refreshingly conscientious. He is worth every penny.

Mark Grotefeld
Head of Marketing
Pioneer Europe

6 02 2009
Julia Dixon, Head of Communications, VT Education and Skills

I’ve known Mark for four years and he is just fab to work with – always coming up with fresh ideas to make any limited budget look a million dollars.

He always deliver a top notch product on time and it always looks sssooo much better than I expected. He’s always my first choice(when I can get in his busy diary!!).

6 03 2009
Karl Bracken

I know Mark from way back and never would have ever expected to see him in a tie let alone a bow tie, but the suprised look…

4 08 2011
Brian Waters

I have had, on a number of occasions, had the pleasure of working with Mark. He is thoroughly professional through and through, very knowledgeable and a great guy to work with. The results speak for themselves!

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