Quick Video Showreel

This is a page of videos with minimal explanation to quickly demonstrate my work.

01. Montage of Broadcast work:

02. F1 based event intro sequence for Barclays Bank

03. Cinema Advert for the Royal Navy

04. Live video shoot and edit for music video filmed at the Ministry of Sound

05. Product Visualisation animated video for HP

06.  Virtual Studio Presentation video for HP

07. Shop interior walkthrough for Open Sky

08. Muscle Man Exhibit for @Bristol Science Museum

09. Presentation content for VT Group

10. Exhibition looper for CSC

11. Ship Launch Event projections and video

12. Low Budget Exhibition/Reception looper for FourS

13. Corporate Product Presenter led video for Smartflow Finance

14. Wacky Hardware Style sequence for @Bristol Museum to demonstrate recycling (2 of 4)

15. Pioneer ProDJ Range for event videowall

16. De-duplication concept video for Quantum

17. Multiscreen Event Looper for VT Group

18. Fun music promo ‘Abduction’ for James Zabelia





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