Hi, I’m Mark Breakwell and run an animation/video company called Wowmedia LTD, based in Hampshire, UK.
I’m a one-man award winning CGI 3D animation, effects & video studio specialising in creating content for events, exhibitions, broadcast, product videos, music video & corporate video.
I have few overheads, so I’m great value for money, great with ideas and concepts and can produce broadcast quality work even on the tightest of budgets.

For more information or a DVD showreel contact:

 (+44)01730 300815 – mark@wowmedialtd.com

A bit about me:

I started making graphics on computers at 12 when I saved enough paper-round money to buy myself a ZX Spectrum 16K.  8 colours and UDG’s!

During my teens  (early 80’s) I forgot about computers and instead became involved with the B-Boy scene (along the Southcoast of the UK from Bognor Regis to Brighton)  incuding Breakdancing, DJying and Graffiti Art. Photos of my Graff got my onto a design course at Northbrook College in Worthing. Here I re-descovered CGI when I started using D-Paint and then Sculpt 4D on an Amiga A500.  During my second year of a degree in A/V production I won the IBM Student animator of the year award for a animation that mixed CGI with stop-frames clay animation. The Award helped pay the fees for my MA in Computer and Visualisation at Bournemouth University – A fantastic course. I graduated with a distinction grade a month after my 21st Birthday.

I worked in London, Soho Square for a few months from one poor ‘assistant animator’ job to another (there are far too many talented people making tea and being shouted at just waiting for their break). I ran out of cash and looked for something closer to home.

I started working for DVA based in Basingstoke in 1993. This was a small video company of 6 employees. The graphics dept consisted of a very crude ‘paintbox’ style system and no 3D. With only an initial six hours of paid work a week it was only a part-time job.  Within a year I was using 3DStudio v2, was working 70 hour weeks and had a junior to train. When I left in 2004 I directed a department of 12 animators making high-end broadcast TV sequences.

I left in 2004 and started Wowmedia Ltd.  Working on my own from a home studio allowed me to concentrate on animating again. – At DVA I had become a Manager/Art Director/Bean counter/Line Manager and rarely had time to get my hands dirty with graphics. I also have a young family and working from home allows me far more time with them.

I really love my job (even when I’m whinging about the late nights and working weekends). It can be extremely challenging, many of my clients have become good friends and the scope of projects stops me from getting bored.



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